I’m silly……I usually see her every day,Why didn’t she realize that she has changed so much??

Go to the grassland with Qin Liang,When playing in the playground,Shen Ruoxue is just a budding flower bone,But now,Her flower,Already in full bloom!
“Brother-in-law,You speak,How do you want me to thank you?”
Shen Ruoxue didn’t notice that Qin Liang’s soul was not in the house,Still ask him shyly。
“How do i want you to thank me?”
Qin Liang asked confusedly。
“puff……Brother-in-law, what are you doing?Don’t tell me how do I know how you want me to thank you?”
Shen Ruoxi was amused by Qin Liang,That is full of feminine charm,Beautiful sweet smile。
“I want you to be mine forever!”
Qin Liang blurted out……
Shen Ruoxue was shocked,I didn’t expect Qin Liang to say that,A moment later,She reacted,I blushed all at once。
“Brother-in-law……You don’t need this……Even if you don’t say,I will always be yours……”
Shen Ruoxue answered quietly。