“Now let me arrange the manpower specifically……”

Qin Liang began to make a plan seriously,At this time,Qin Liang is absolutely serious,And absolutely calm,Keen,After all, this dragon soul boss is not for nothing!
“We better change our attire!”
After specifying the action plan,Yanzi has a new idea。
“What are you going to do??”
Qin Yueqi looked at Yanzi and asked……
“Isn’t the dealer trying to find out our details??We just want to play mystery!Not let them get what they want,Hehe……”
After Yanzi answered these two sentences,There was a mischievous smile on his face!
In the evening,Liu Xiaoyun is still the same as the law of these two days,After arranging everyone,Got out of the car alone,She is going to buy food and drink for the girls she brought。
Because I have been monitoring the movement in that villa,So the girls have not eaten a decent meal in the past two days,All rely on bread,Mineral water,Some small snacks to fill up your stomach。
It’s a long time since everyone was a special force fighter,These hard work is nothing to them,Naturally, no one will complain。
Liu Xiaoyun has made up his mind today,She wants to find a better restaurant,Order some good dishes for the little sisters and bring them back to comfort them,As the commander of this combat group,She not only wants to lead them to complete tasks,I have to take care of them。
Along the street,Liu Xiaoyun looked for a restaurant,I finally saw one that looked a bit more upscale,Also very bright and clean restaurant,She lingered at the door for a while,Then I made up my mind and prepared to go in……
“do not move,Stab you to death!”