[How to make tea?

】 _How to make tea

[How to make tea?
】 _How to make tea

Tea is a relatively famous drink in our country. There are many types of tea in our country. Different types of tea have different effects. Drinking tea often can reduce blood lipids and blood pressure, as well as clearing heat and detoxifying. Therefore,Many people like to drink tea. In fact, drinking tea is very particular about tea, and there are tea ceremony.

So what are the basic steps of how to make tea?

How to make tea
The first way: clean hands and appreciation appliances Clean hands are needed for hygiene, but also out of respect for tea.

Introduce tea people lotus first, invite the guests to enjoy tea, then the appreciation tools.

Second course: Rinse all the tea utensils with boiling water (including tea cups, fair cups, scent cups, cups, etc.) with boiling water, which can both sterilize and preheat the tea utensils. Such teas are easy to enter.
Third way: Put tea into the teapot. If you are more familiar with the tea ceremony, you will have your own unique way to put tea, which may look delicious.

Fourth: Wash the tea and pour hot water into the pot. The moment the water comes in contact with the tea, the tea seems to be awake.

This is the head of tea. Generally, the tea soup should be poured out quickly, even if the tea is washed.

Fifth: After brewing and washing the tea, pour boiling water into the pot. During the pouring process, the spout “nods” three times. Don’t fill the pot once.

If you are a more skilled tea person, or if you are in need of a tea ceremony performance, there will be a so-called “Phoenix Three Nodding”, a high-lift kettle that lets the water straight down, and then use the strength of your wrist to pull up and down and inject water three times.The tea leaves are flipped in the water with an elegant posture.

Sixth: The spring breeze is full of artistic and artistic requirements. The water should be higher than the mouth of the pot. Use the lid to remove the tea and remove the tea leaves floating on it.Tea leaves in your mouth.

Seventh way: seal the pot and put a lid on it to keep the aroma of the tea leaves in the teapot, and use boiling water to pour over the body.

Pay attention to the teas brewed in this step and soaking time, don’t ripen the tea.

Eighth: Divide the cup into tea cups with tea clips. (Do not directly carry the cup to the guest, otherwise it will be unhygienic and impolite.)

Ninth: Yuye returns to the pot, and it is time for the fair cup to appear. Pour the tea in the pot into the fair cup.

The function of the fair cup is to even the concentration of tea soup, so that everyone can taste the tea with the same color, aroma and taste.

Tenth: Divide the tea from the fair cup into the guest’s cup separately. At this time, you should pay attention. Don’t fill it up. The tea ceremony pays attention to “the tea is seven full, leaving three points.” It is actually simple.Understanding is to avoid being too full, and the guests will be hot.

Eleventh way: Fengcha is commonly served with tea in both hands. The right hand stretches out to indicate “please enjoy tea,” while the right hand stretches out to say “thank you.”

When ordering tea, pay attention to the order of development.

Twelfth way: Before smelling the fragrance, generally smell the tea first, especially the good tea, and smell it before entering the mouth.

Thirteenth: Pincha holding cup gesture: Hold the cup with your right hand, pinch the cup with your thumb and index finger, support the bottom of the cup with your middle finger, and spread the orchid finger (men don’t need an orchid finger).

This gesture of holding a cup is aimed at the “three dragons protecting the tripod”. The three fingers are called “three dragons”, and the tea cup is like a tripod.

There are three joys in tea tasting.

One said: the unique product wins God.

When a person faces the green mountains or the elegant tea room, through the chanting, the heart is in love, the soul is natural, the two things are forgotten, this is also a pleasure; the second is: have fun with the product.

Two friends who know each other well, do not need to say a few words, they can communicate with each other, or they can tell their heart and heart, this is also a joy; Third: All the products have wisdom.

Confucius said: “Three people must have my teacher.

“People gather for tea, communicate with each other and inspire each other, and they can learn a lot of knowledge that can not be learned in books, which is also a great pleasure.