Hadron is not only confused now,Even Marin and Xu Shaoming are confused……

“Didn’t you let me introduce you to the sisters of the Rose Army as a daughter-in-law??Then your future wife must be among those girls。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“cut……Boss,You come less,There are so many junior sisters in the Rose Legion,Do you know who will be my future daughter-in-law??”
Hadron said with disdain。
“I can tell every girl,Anyway, one of them is。”
Qin Liang secretly smiled:Sample,I still can’t cure you……
“I rely on!Boss……you are vicious!You win……”
Qiangzi has nothing to say now……
“I can’t cure you, I can still be your boss?cut。”
This time Qin Liang’s disdainful answer was changed。
“Boss!There are several cars coming from behind……”
Xu Shaoming, who was responsible for alerting the situation behind, said suddenly。
So all four of them turned their faces and looked behind,The fruit is about one kilometer away,There are about seven,Eight cars came。
“not good!?Is a rebel!”
Qin Liang quickly took off the binoculars and took a look,Immediately a loud warning,Almost instantly,The three special warfare honor regiments next to him have heard that they have taken off their guns.……