[Properties once every few days]_ Housekeeping _ Times _ Precautions _ What to pay attention to

[Properties once every few days]_ Housekeeping _ Times _ Precautions _ What to pay attention to

Only when a couple has a harmonious sex life, can they better promote the relationship between husband and wife. Whether it is a young couple or an old wife and wife, sex life is irreplaceable, which is our interpersonal affair. AboutThe frequency of intercourse is not clear to many friends, because moderate sex life is good for our health. So how many times is intercourse appropriate?

The frequency of sexual intercourse life in the Tang Dynasty Medicine King Sun Simiao in “Thousands of Gold”, the range: 20 years old, once a day (twice a day), the weak one a day; 30 years old, one a dayFor the forty, one for three days; for the forty, one for three days, for one for four days; for the fifty, for one for five days, for one for ten days; for forty, one for ten daysFor those who are empty, give one day on the 20th; for those who are 70 days old, give one day on the 30th day.

This is just a reference. In real life, you don’t need too many rules and regulations. You can adjust the number of sexual intercourse lives according to your physical strength and the speed of physical recovery. Only Zhang Youchi will be harmonious and healthy.

The sign that modern medical practice thinks the frequency of intercourse life is appropriate: both husband and wife are recognized, and after each intercourse life, they can feel the spirit and feel comfortable.

How often is intercourse regular?[Experience Treasury]Intercourse life health care 1 The plot is hygienic.

Clean the genitals before and after each sexual intercourse. Women should pay attention to washing the wrinkles between the labia and from front to back to prevent the bacteria around the anus from infecting the vaginal opening. Men should flip the foreskin and wash the foreskin.

February menstrual period is prohibited from intercourse.

Due to the menstrual period, the uterine mouth is slightly opened, and the endometrial wound is bleeding. Bacteria can easily invade, which can cause metabolism and affect reproduction.

Women with increased love during the menstrual period have increased menstrual periods, prolonged menstrual periods, and lower abdominal pain; menstrual urethral discomfort due to menstrual blood transfer; will contaminate hygiene.
Affect interest.

If the time comes at the menstrual period.

You should wait until your menstruation is clean before you start intercourse.

3 Sexual intercourse is best done before bedtime.

Is it better to have sex once a few days?

Through the introduction above, I hope that everyone can know that excessive sex life is not good for people’s health, so we must pay attention to moderate, harmonious sex life can benefit our physiology and can be betterMaintain the relationship between husband and wife.

Sex time should also pay attention not to be carried out during the menstrual period of women.