Ding Yi felt that Wenwen asked directly,I didn’t know how to answer her for a while,Her face is a little red,Thought for a long time,Just said to himself:“sometimes,Love is harder to forgive than hate。”

Wenwen looked at her,Speaking faintly:“You mean you hate him?”
“No,I don’t hate。”Ding Yi lowered his head,Looking at the road underfoot and said。
Wenwen stop,Said:“Xiaoding,It’s this time,You tell me,Do you really love?”
Ding Yi smiled,Took her arm tight,Say:“Don’t ask,Don’t you think you asked so directly,Makes it hard for me to answer?”
Wenwen smiled,Said:“Since pregnancy,I don’t want to use my brain anymore,People are stupid,Unresponsive,and so,I often talk the most convenient、Speak most directly,Seldom guess what other people mean,I don’t want others to guess what I’m saying,So don’t mind。”
Ding Yi said:“I won’t mind,You need to take care of the baby in your stomach now,Talking,I want to touch her belly again。”
Wenwen said:“Pay attention to the impact,This is on the street。”
Ding Yi smiled,Retracted his hand。
Wenwen said again:“You haven’t answered a question from a lazy person yet?”
Ding Yi smiled bitterly,Said:“Whether it’s love or hate,It’s in the past,How I answer you now doesn’t make any sense。”
Wenwen turned to look at her,Seems to understand her meaning,Just said:“Ding Yi,No matter what reason you love,No matter what reason you hate,You are my friend,This has nothing to do with everything else。”
Ding Yi’s eyes are red again,Said:“Wenwen,thank you。”
They both walked and said,I didn’t notice two pairs of evil eyes staring at them behind me……
Two people walking and talking,More than twenty minutes later,They came to the hospital,Wenwen came to the medical guide,Issued a card,The nurse said after registering:“Sit down and wait。”