“Hey,little monkey,Have something to say,She is a girl,You don’t be so rough……”

An elderly middle-aged woman kindly persuaded。
“Fuck you,It’s up to you,Roll away!”
What is unexpected is,The man actually said badly at once。
Qin Liang frowned,But still nothing,There is Liu Rushi in,He doesn’t want to take care of his business。
“Why do you curse at the Zhang Clan??Why are you so unqualified!”
The middle-aged woman immediately started accusing him。
“She is my wife,We quarreled,What the fuck is up with you!Are you full??”
The man continued to curse with a vicious look。
“I am not his wife!help me!”
No one thought,The girl with her hair caught suddenly yelled。
“Fuck you,Dare to say it’s not my wife?”
The man is talking,Raised his hand suddenly,Slapped the girl in the face!This slap,Everyone can see,The hit is quite heavy,Half of the girl’s face,It started to swell up instantly。