Qin Haohao hasn’t seen Yang Shiyun for many days,See her again,Quite a bit“Little don’t win newlyweds”a feeling of,Of course I can’t restrain myself。

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Chapter 535 Let you go
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Let you go
Let’s talk about the relationship between him and Yang Shiyun,It’s already close enough to just pierce the last layer of window paper,That’s why he was so careless。
“You pervert!Not allowed to come!”You stay away from me!"I warn you~~Don’t blame me for being rude to you。“
Yang Shiyun has hidden by the bed,Reached out and grabbed the pillow on the bed,In a panic on his chest,Said repeatedly。
“Don’t let me see?You hide from me?Row,I’m leaving then,Goodbye。Don’t regret it~~Don’t keep me~~”
Qin Liang puts away his smile,Pretend to be angry,Frowned and said。
Yang Shiyun did not expect Qin Liang to use this method to threaten herself,I don’t know what to do for a while,I was so happy to see him,Instantly messed up。Yang Shiyun doesn’t know how to describe her contradictory heart,I want to see Qin Liang but I’m afraid to see Qin Liang~~
“Let me see,Niuniu。”
Qin Liang said cheeky。