Qin Liang came up to confirm the situation。

“Yep,Convenience,I walked over here to answer the call in an empty corner。”
Swallow deliberately whispered on the phone,This is a subconscious mind of man,If you want to tell someone something secret,Even if there is no one around,She also lowered her voice and spoke……
“Oh,That’s good,How is the situation?Is Yu’er okay??”
Qin Liang couldn’t wait to ask。
“She’s okay,Emotionally stable,But I have something to tell you……”
Over the phone,Yanzi seemed hesitant to say。
“what’s up?You hurry up!”
Qin Liang continued to ask uncontrollably。
“I am almost 100% sure now;Yu’er’s feelings for Li Hai are not family,But……It’s love,Is the love of women for men。”
Yanzi finally hesitated to tell everyone what happened so early,He gritted his teeth and said it directly。
“I have a hasty!Do you have any reason for such a certain judgment?”
Qin Liang is not surprised,Because just now Shen Ruoxi has already analyzed this matter for everyone in advance,But he still wants to have more conclusive evidence and reasons,To finalize this matter!After all, this is not a trivial matter。