“master,Don’t think she is a little girl,She is the female Zhuge of our Dragon Soul Force,Zhidoxing!Flat is resourceful,Eloquent,And even more rare is a chivalrous bowel,The typical heroine warrior!Defeating death on the battlefield,Brave Champions!Saved us many times!”

Qin Liang saw the master admiring Liu Xiaoyun,I hurriedly seized the opportunity and praised Liu Xiaoyun greatly!
“Oh?That is very rare!She is still so young!”
Murong Daochang said in surprise。
“But there are still a few girls in our family who have bravely won the three armies on the battlefield,Like Master Bai’s disciple,Swallow,Yang Shiyun is the famous and desperate third mother among our dragon soul fighters,Shen Ruoxue,Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin is not bad!”
Qin Liang, this is a rhythm that won’t be pulled down!I named everything I could praise!For fear of missing someone,He originally wanted to talk about Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan together,But think again;The effort of these two girls,I don’t even know the depth now,And the key is that these two Shen family princesses,I haven’t been to the battlefield once so far,Never participated in a real battle,So if you pull them out together and praise,That’s a bit too much……
“So now you have several Mulan in your house.,Is it so?Ha ha。”
Daochang Bai can’t help but smile。
“This disciple really doesn’t dare to belittle himself,These girls under your door,Although young,But it’s all good on the battlefield!Are the best dragon soul fighters,They used to be only a hundred,But defeated within half an hour on the battlefield,Defeated an enemy army of three thousand men!Everyone counts as one hundred!”
Qin Liang is at the end,Simply boasted all the Shen sisters together!But I have to admit;All he said are facts!These girls of the Shenjia Rose Army,Really deserves his praise!
“Yep,I know about it。”
Dao Murong nodded and said。
“what?You know?How can this be!You have been staying in the Taoist temple on the mountain,How could we know about our war?And we still fight on foreign battlefields!”
Qin Liang asked really surprised。
“Water is coming!But have to wait,Because I poured hot water that was just boiling,Too hot!Get cold for a while……”
Liu Xiaoyun has a new basin,I walked slowly over with a new towel on my shoulders,Talking in my mouth。