Turned around,Qin Liang walked towards the door of the criminal police team。

“It is you!What are you doing?”
The police and armed police on duty at the gate greeted Qin Liang enthusiastically,After the last time the special forces and the army joined forces“Robbery”The thing to save Qin Liang,No one in this big yard doesn’t know him anymore,Everyone knows his“special identity”。
“what,Hello,I want to go in and find your Captain Yang,I don’t know if I can go in?”
Qin Liang asked with a smile on his face。
“Of course you can go in,From now on here will be the same as your home,Everyone is one’s own,There is no need to rectify those useless。”
A policeman leading the team smiled and said,Then he waved his hand for Qin Liang to enter。
“Thank you so much!”
Qin Liang said politely,Went straight to the office building of the Criminal Police Team。
Yang Shiyun is sitting in a big office looking at an investigation report of a child case,Around her are dozens of detectives who are working on their own。
“Detachment leader,Someone looking for you。”
A policeman opened the door and said loudly。
“Who is looking for me?”
Yang Shiyun asked without raising her head。