Water Yoga PK Curve + SPA

Water Yoga PK “Curve + SPA”

In the hot summer, Mr. Wang Yuan exclusively recommends a “water yoga” suitable for cool summer fitness for netizens.
Let the majority of mm create a perfect curve and feel the fun and culture of yoga while cool and fitness!
  COLOURBOX What is water yoga?
  Yoga in water is a method of practicing yoga postures in the water. It originated in Europe and the United States, and generally ranges from 1 to 1.
Performed in a 4-meter deep pool, like land yoga, it also includes meditation, breathing and asana exercises.
Water yoga retains the essence of land yoga, and with the aid of the buoyancy of water, the flexibility of the body is better reflected, and many actions that cannot be completed on land will become a breeze.
  The biggest attraction of practicing yoga in water is the softness of the water flow on the human body. It allows people to easily complete the body, and can enjoy the coolness of the bath, massage and protect the skin, and replenish the body’s water.
Because of the resistance to water, yoga in water only needs to be practiced twice a week to achieve the effect of daily yoga on land.
  The resistance of water helps the practitioner to consume more calories to achieve the effect of weight loss and body shaping; the buoyancy of water makes the movement easier to complete; the softness of water can protect the human body from being damaged during practice, and alleviate the body that traditional yoga may bringPain . water yoga is more friendly and entertaining, emphasizing a harmonious beauty, and the practitioners are more likely to have a pleasant feeling without feeling dull.
Yoga in the water can also eliminate fatigue, improve concentration, and strengthen cardiopulmonary function.
  动作1:舞王式  动作自测:双脚平行站立,吸气时双臂平举向上,呼气时右腿后弯、右臂向后抓住右脚踝关节,左手结手印,掌心向后,Eyes look to the right.
Stand with your left foot firmly, maintain breathing and balance, and change sides after recovery.
  享“瘦”这里:手臂、双腿、腰腹部  动作2:莲花式  动作自测:站立,双脚微分呈八字,吸气,手臂上举,双手在头顶合十,呼气下蹲,膝盖向两边Divide, raise the heels of both feet, touch the forefoot to the ground, focus on one point with your eyes facing up, and keep breathing naturally.
Repeat the exercise on the other side.
  享“瘦”这里:大腿、腹部  动作3:战士三式  动作自测:双脚平行站立,吸气双臂上举在头顶合十,呼气时身体前倾,眼望前方,逐渐将身体平放, I feel that the body is easier to balance with the help of buoyancy, keep it for a while and then change sides.
  享“瘦”这里:小腿、大腿  动作4:侧伸展式  动作自测:站在池边,右腿放到地面上,右手拉住脚趾,吸气平举左臂,呼气手臂向后扶住On the right pelvis, the body is slightly stretched to the right, and the spine is slightly twisted. The left waist is stretched and enjoys “thinness”. Here: waist, leg and arm movements.On the stairs, inhale with your hands raised above your head, and when you exhale, raise your left leg backwards, with your toes facing backwards, and fully stretch your spine and body muscles, keeping your eyes focused on a certain point forward.
  享“瘦”这里:背部、腹部、臀部   动作5单腿平衡  动作自测:站立在池边的楼梯上,吸气双手上举在头顶合十,呼气时左腿后抬,脚尖朝后,充分Stretch your spine and body muscles, keeping your eyes focused on a certain point forward.
  享“瘦”这里:背部、腹部、臀部  动作6:站立扭脊  动作自测:单脚站立,左手抱住右腿,吸气平举右臂,呼气手臂带动脊柱向后扭转,眼睛看向指尖,保持自然呼吸几次,还原换另一侧练习  享“瘦”这里:双腿、腹部  动作7:祈祷式  动作自测:双腿分开站立,与肩同宽,双手在背后合十,尽量放于肩胛骨中间,吸气胸腔打开、肩胛骨向后收拢,呼气脊柱微微向后扬,仰面朝天,凝神保持自然呼吸  享“瘦”这里:腹部与手臂FITNESS COACH ’S NOTE做水上瑜伽的注意事项, Such as warming up, enjoying “slow” movements, what clothes to wear, etc.
  注意:  1、女性经期不宜做  2、练习之前运动一下各个大小关节,做一些简单拉伸的体位,比如伸背式  3、练习时穿着普通的泳装即可  4、每个体位的保持时间可以根据情况有所延长,也可结伴练习,相互辅助  5、做休息术时可使用一些辅助工具,如水上健腹器等帮助身体漂浮