Exercise is the best way to detox

Exercise is the best way to detox

Toxins in the body affect body function In western medicine, “poison” is considered to be a substance that causes the body to undergo chemical changes and destroy body tissues after entering the body.

At the same time, human waste, sugar, protein and other substances in the metabolic process of waste and internal food residues are also one of the main sources of toxic substances.

The concept of “poison” in Chinese medicine is more extensive, and the products metabolized by the body are called poison.

  The body’s “toxin” elimination methods are nothing more than urine and sweat, breathing, skin secretion, etc. The most important is the former.

These “toxins” are most likely to accumulate in the body when the person’s urine is not flowing smoothly, affecting their health.

  We can see the effects, such as tiny ulcers on the skin, and some aspects of the effect are on the body’s function, which leads to human liver, kidney, and other complications, such as triglyceride, which is a normal substance in the human body.Ester, excessive accumulation of plasma will cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

  Detox may not be able to improve your face. The most popular detox drugs on the market today include detoxification and beauty capsules, aloe vera capsules, etc. The former is mainly rhubarb, thenardite, etc., most of them are aloe vera. These are laxatives in Chinese medicine, which can helpConvenient role.

Of course, these medicines are added tonics, such as American ginseng, at the same time that people are “diarrhea”.

  Detox drugs are not suitable for everyone, and their effects on people are different.

For example, young women with ulcers, elderly people suffering from constipation (poor laxative), and even people from different regions and genders take different detox drugs, which should be distinguished under the guidance of a doctortreat.
  Moreover, even if it is “detoxification”, it may not be “beauty”. It can treat women’s acne complications caused by the accumulation of “toxins”. However, for some acne caused by female endocrine system distortion, the stoolHow to keep things flowing is not helpful.

For women with pale, gray and qi deficiency, they can neither “diarrhea”, but also need to nourish qi and nourish blood for beauty.

  Long-term detoxification damages the gastrointestinal function. Any drug that is taken for a long time will have a substitute, especially the “diarrhea” -based detoxification drug.

Taking long-term detoxification “laxatives” can cause reflexes in the body, reduce sensitivity, weaken the intestinal motility, impair digestion, affect digestion and absorption of food, and cause consequences such as malnutrition.

  It is understood that if the rhubarb component in some detox drugs is taken for a long time, it may easily cause secondary constipation, which may cause dependence. Once the drug is stopped, constipation will appear again.

  Exercise is the best way to detox. In fact, there are still many natural detox methods. Maintain good sleep habits, have a regular life, do not overeating, eat more vegetables containing crude fiber, and fruits.

Green vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline, which can neutralize a large number of acidic substances produced by the absorption of sugar, meat, eggs, etc. in the diet, and can dissolve the toxins accumulated in the cells.

What’s more important is that good eating habits are conducive to forming a good regularity of bowel and feces excretion, and maintaining internal functions in a relatively good state.

  There is also moderate exercise, such as walking, jogging, cycling, mountain climbing, swimming, etc., which have an accelerating effect on the peristaltic function, thereby increasing blood circulation.

At the same time, exercise often requires drinking water, and it is more beneficial for “toxins” to be excreted from the body through urination.