4 precautions for practicing yoga in spring should not be too strong

4 precautions for practicing yoga in spring should not be too strong

What are the precautions for practicing yoga in spring?

Spring is a good time to exercise and is more suitable for practicing yoga.

However, there are 4 points to note when practicing yoga in the spring, which must be paid attention to, otherwise the effect will not be achieved and the body will be hurt. In particular, the pursuit of weight loss will not be achieved, and the increase in intensity will cause a modest backlash.

  Precautions for practicing yoga in the spring should not be too large. If you exercise too much, people will sweat.

Sisters who are losing weight are even more anxious to sweat every time they exercise.

  However, in the spring, the yang energy rises and everything recovers. As with other living things in nature, the yang energy in the body begins to erupt. At this time, if you sweat too much, you will hurt the person’s vitality and become overactive.Symptoms of fatigue.

Therefore, when we are exercising in the spring, we should grasp a degree, that is, just sweating, don’t make ourselves too tired.

  Asana balances with flexibility and contraction. The whole cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up, so the most suitable thing to do in spring is to break down the body to awaken the body.

Contracted and balanced yoga poses can not only achieve stretching and massage effects, but also avoid excessive exercise, excessive sweating, and damage to yang.

  Yoga asanas, keeping a healthy, agile body forward, with slow breathing, gradually, squeezing, and twisting various parts of the body, repeatedly putting the body in two extreme states of tension and displacement. After many times, the body willThere will be massage-like effects, which can promote blood circulation, restore the vitality of the body, eliminate stiffness in joints, improve sleep quality, increase the concentration of practitioners, and gain peace of mind.

  Do n’t pursue the pursuit of harshness and strength as much as your own body. Everyone has different physical conditions and different degrees of practice. Some people are more flexible, some people are more balanced, and some people are more powerful.It ‘s true that you exercise your own body, so you do n’t have to compete with your friends. As long as you feel better, you are better today than yesterday, and you are successful.

Barely pulling your body and pulling it hard will hurt you.

  The place of practice should be hot and cold suitable for the ancients to talk about “spring cover autumn and freezing”, windy in spring, and wind evil is the main factor of exogenous factors of spring diseases, it may cause various infectious and epidemic diseases such as colds, tonsillitis,Pneumonia, etc.

Practicing yoga in windy places is not good for health. Not only does it fail to exercise, it is also easy to catch a cold.

Because when we practice yoga, it is easy to sweat, and the pores of our body will open as soon as we sweat, so at this time, when the cold wind blows, the cold air will penetrate directly into the body, causing the body’s tissues and organs to undergo a sharp “cold contraction”.Phenomenon, leading to various discomforts.

  In addition, the pores also have a strong filtering effect. When sweating heavily, the filtering effect almost disappears, and those bacteria and viruses transmitted by the wind take advantage of this opportunity to drill into the human body to make trouble.Already.
  As long as you understand these precautions for practicing yoga in the spring, you can easily enjoy the benefits of yoga.