Ou Zhaozhao came in with Si Guangnian and Baby Ou,Show face,Took a look at the two daughters,Left。A banquet of this level,It’s not worth her stay。Keep Si Guangnian and Baby Ou,Find a place to fill your stomach,Then wait for the banquet to officially start。

“There will be a charity donation afterwards,The Yi family donated money in the name of two children,Our guests also have to donate some.”Si Guangnian drinks juice,“Mom has already asked someone to donate,We can go back and join the fun。”
Ou Baobao looked at the Yi family sister not far away,The same dress,Really better than watch,The watch is better than the real temperament,It doesn’t look like a role in the plot,When the Yi family introduced their names just now,Mom’s expression hasn’t changed,Baby Ou is not sure,Did mom think of anything?。
I’m in the trance of Ou Baobao,Suddenly felt hit by someone,Then he was supported by Si Guangnian,But the fairy skirt on her body was still splashed with juice。
“.”Baby Ou’s first reaction was,So wet so wet.
“How do you walk!!”Si Guangnian was immediately angry。He had noticed this girl walking with her head down,I’m thinking about getting a kiss,Who knew that the girl jumped over,The whole person threw himself on the lap of my treasure,The juice from my hand also spilled onto Qinbao’s skirt,Broken cup,Glass in one place。
It’s fine to fall on the ground,You walk until you look up at people!!!
“Correct.Right.Sorry.Sorry.”The girl who threw herself sat up quickly,I hurriedly gathered my tube top skirt that had fallen off,Then suddenly reacted,And rubbed the skirt of Ou Baobao,Then I saw the glass slag on the ground,I want to pick it up.
Baby Ou wanted to stop her from rubbing her skirt,Later I wanted to stop her from picking up glass slag,I haven’t met her yet,The girl got pierced,The wound is not small,Blood shed a finger in an instant.
“.”So brave.Baby Ou never touches these obviously dangerous things。
Si Guangnian doesn’t know how this girl is,Did someone’s mentally retarded come out?,“go,Go first.”I greeted anyway,Money donated too,Dress like this,It’s not appropriate to stay。
The girl with blood in her hands heard Si Guangnian’s words,Don’t care about the pain,I’m going to grab Baby Ou’s skirt with bloody hands。Si Guangnian responded quickly this time,Kick out,Kicked the girl’s arm to the side,She even crooked her to the ground,Half a turn。
So much movement,Many people here,Then the people who had just arrived directly witnessed the scene of Si Guangnian kicking the little girl with long legs.。